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I have been producing films, arranging music, illustrating comics and telling stories for over twenty years.

Yet, a number of important and meaningful obligations of the past decade precluded me from creating, writing and producing as much as I would have liked.

So my goal (and that of those with whom I work) is to provide a varying-array of content to include production services, lectures and the establishment of innovative platforms in the fields of business, education and entertainment.

By creating content that transcends different barriers my goal is to produce work that interests me.

Whether it is profiling a fascinating person, business or idea or developing feature-length projects and graphic novels, my aim is to create interesting work after an overlong hiatus from doing what I enjoy.

I have been able to produce creative work for two decades due in very large part to a group of talented friends and supporters such as (but notlimited to) Luther W. Truesdell, Jr., Marc Thompson, Keith Mitchell, Aaron P. Clark, Michael A. Huggins, Jr., Paul Sanchez, Jae Jacob, Keysha Nicole, Will Best, David YewdallLeander T. Sales, Steven L. Jones, Sam Pollard, Betsy Pollock, Richard Clabaugh, Jessica Figueroa, Mosheh YisraelDave Csinos and my incredible wife Tracy D. Moore!

My past work...

Death of a Preacher 

(CAVE Entertainment/2005)


My first-ever feature film was a docudrama that featured a fictionalized version of myself in a semi-autobiographical fashion entitled Death of a Preacher.

The film was produced by a production company I co-founded called the Camorra AudioVisual Entertainment Group, or more affectionately, "CAVE Entertainment".

CAVE Entertainment was composed of Luther W. Truesdell, author Aaron P. Clark, Michael A. Huggins,  Jr., Paul Sanchez, Marc Thompson, Ed Greenfield, Larry Best, Joshua J. Best, Travares Reid, Rashad Worthy, Kenton Worthy and Kristal Birch.

I resided in Los Angeles during the time of the film's distribution and also during the production of its sequel.

During my political career there would later be massive amounts of confusion on the part of persons unable to differentiate a docudrama from a documentary pointing to how well the film was produced.

However, as far as the production of Death of a Preacher is concerned, I would not have changed a single thing...primarily because the film was fairly successful as seen from the press coverage below.


Pictured above was a promotional ad featuring several projects I had either written, produced or directed between 2005 and 2010.

Handsome Johnny

(CAVE Entertainment/2008)

As my graduate studies allowed me less and less time to produce films, by 2007 I was producing a number of shorter projects such as Handsome Johnny starring  Andrew Leggett, Simeon J. Hutchinson and Chasity Scriven and the grpahic novel comic Trial-N-Era.  



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