Production and Development

As an independent filmmaker, I often collaborate with other filmmakers and artists.In addition to working with a host of artists and creators, I also work with various entrepreneurs and business operators.

While The Jerry Grimes Company is not exclusively an advertisiting company, I do produce miniature films that focus on the people behind and within a particular business. Yes, such films do promote those businesses, but my aim is to promote both the person and their business.

I am very selective about the businesses with whom I work, and that selectivity is based upon extensive criteria. Primarily, I ask myself, "Does this project interest me, and does this story need to be told?"

There are many stories that need to be told, but that does not mean that a particular person, business or subject is of interest to meIf I am uninterested in the work, then my lack of interest will reflect in the finished product. My aim is to create work that is simple, watchable and (on some level) important whether a film, book or illustration.

Pictured above: Filmmaker and Award-winning photographer Jae Jacob on the set of Winter Dance Party.


Picture below (left) I am setting a low-angle shot during Winter Dance Party. (right) Musician and producer Marc Thompson is tuning his bass guitar in between takes.


Pictured below: Entrepreneur Keith Mitchell, owner and operator of Studio 2904.